1. Business Central Documentation
  2. Business Central Training Environment
  3. Business Central Learning Path
    1. Introduction to Business Central
    2. Process Specific Courses
      1. Financial Management
      2. Sales
      3. Purchasing
    3. Other Courses

Business Central Documentation

Microsoft Business Central guidelines are available both in Dutch and English language:

Business Central Training Environment

The Business Central environment to use for training and testing purposes is the Test Environment (called "Customer_Sandbox"), which is an environment completely separated from the Production one,

This means that all operations performed in the test environment WILL NOT have any impact on the Business Central setup in Production allowing you to follow the courses and test different processes such as creating items, purchase orders, sales invoices etc, to get familiar with Business Central.


Business Central Learning Path

Microsoft has implemented a Business Central learning path with interactive courses covering main functionalities and topics.

This wiki contains the main courses to be followed by end users in to get familiar with Business Central.

  • Note: Microsoft courses are only available in English

3.1 Introduction to Business Central

The following courses are mandatory for first time users of Business Central, providing a first introduction to the tool, how to navigate & the core elements of the application. It is recommended for the different courses to be followed in the given order.

1) Course 1: Introduction into Business Central (30min): What is Business Central?


2) Course 2: Navigating through Business Central, the core components  (2 hours)


3) Course 3: Working with Data in Business Central (1 hour)


4) Reference: working with Criteria in Business centra:


3.2 Process Specific Courses

The following courses are generic introductory courses but focused to execute specific tasks withing the application as creating sales invoices, purchase orders, posting a sales invoice, etc.

The introduction courses should be mandatory for all first time users of Business Central, while additional courses are addressed to those end users with a dedicated role within these processes.

3.2.1 Financial Management

1) Journals: Basic Principle of using Journals in Business Central

2) Payments: Process customer & vendor payments in Business Central

3) Bank reconciliation: Use payment reconciliation Journal in Business Central

4) VAT: Basic Principle of Processing VAT in Business Central 

5) Reminders, Intrastat: Basic Principle in Business Central:

3.2.2 Sales

1) Introduction Course: Invoicing customers in Business Central

Additional courses within the sales learning path are available here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/paths/post-sales-purchase-invoices-dynamics-365-business-central/

3.2.3 Purchasing

1) Introduction Course: Purchase items and services in Business Central

Additional courses within the purchasing learning path are available here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/paths/purchase-items-services-dynamics-365-business-central/central/

3.3 Other Courses

This section contains courses not process specific recommended to have a better understanding and optimize the use of Dynamics 365 Business Central application.

- Data Manipulation (1 hour): work with shortcuts, calculations, directly in Business Central.  

- User Interface Personalisation (30 minutes):

- Data and Excel (1 hour): work with Excel to manage your data in Business Central.