Synology Cloud Station Backup

Last modified by Gabriel Barthe on 2019/07/10 11:31


The Synology Cloud Station Backup is an application which allows user to backup and recover his data on Synology Cloud Drive.


The installer will be provided by your IT Administrator.

In order to install:

1. Run the installer

2. Choose the installation language and click "Next"

3. Click "Next"

4. Click "I Agree"

5. Click "Next" - the application will be installed

6. Click "Finish" - the application will open automatically


Once the application is started you will see the welcome window:


1. Click on "Start now"

2. In the next step you will have to provide your NAS hostname, your username and password:


  • NAS hostname (name of your fileserver)
  • Your windows username and password
  • Select "SSL"

3. Click next to connect to the file server. You might be prompted to allow the connection:


Please click on "Continue Anyway"

4. In the next step you will be able to choose the directory/folder to be backed up. We do recommend to backup the whole "Documents" folder.


5. To determine backup location please click on "Select", a window will open:


In this step there is no need to change anything. The backup location will be filled in automatically.

6. Please click "OK" and then "Next"

7. The summary window will open showing you an overview of the backup task.


8. Please click on "Finish"

9. After the backup is done you will get noticed:


10. The backup job is configured and will work in the background everytime there will be an update in Documents folder. This window can be closed.


1. The icon from this software can be found in the tray menu. Please double click on this icon  1a.png

2. The following window showing last sync will open


3. In order to open the main window please click on "Version Explorer". The main window will open


4. Main window functions:

- On the top of this window you can find the whole directory that is being synchronized.

- On the bottom of this window a timeline of all syncs/changes can be managed

5. In order to restore a file choose the date on the timeline. After that you will be able to see on the top of the window all the files that have been synchronized at the selected day.

6. In next step you can choose the files/folders to be restored. If you want to mark more files at once please mark them with "ctrl" key pressed.

7. After selecting the files to restore please click on "Repair" on the top of the main window. The status of restoration will be shown.


8. When the restore of the files will be finished you will be able to see your deleted/modified files with a date of the backup that you have selected.