Configuring an iPhone for EAP-TLS authentication (corporate MWLAN), is done trough the use of a configuration profile. This profile will be mailed to you by an ITAF engineer.
Once this profiles has been installed on the iPhone, the device will have access to the corporate MWLAN.

Please note that the .mobileconfig file that has been sent can only be opened on the iPhone Mail client or in Safari. Other applications will not open this file correctly.

Install configuration profile on iPhone

1) Open the mail containing the configuration profile


2) Open the attachment

3) Once the profile has been opened, click on 'Install'


4) Confirm installation by clicking on 'Install' again


5) Once the profile has been installed, click on "finish"


Connect iPhone to corporate MWLAN

1) Go to settings - Wi-Fi

2) Click on the SSID that matches your location's corporate MWLAN (<$CUSTOMER-SSID>-corp)

3) For certain IOS versions, these steps will also need to be followed:

  • Select profile/identity the phone should use to connect
  • Accept the certificate of the RADIUS authentication server

4) For some (older) IOS versions, the network has to be configured manually

MWLAN - IPhone Network Manual Configuration

5) As soon as the checked box appears next to the network name (SSID), the device has been connected to the wireless network: