What is 3cX ?

The 3CX Web Client at a Glance

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Web Client login

When your extension is created, on the registered email address will arrive an email with information about extension : extension number, PIN, and number for checking a voicemail, and also link for Web Client and your password for logging in with your extension number.

From Chrome browser, open link from the mail for the Webclient: https://something.itaf.eu:5001/weblient and login using extension number and password provided in the email.

3CX V16 Web Client Overview

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There is a help box in every menu in the Web Client that redirect you to correct 3CX address for information.

In the right upper corner, click on Avatar - you can change password, Profile Image, Resend Credential, Scan QR Code, get 3CX for iPhone and Android, go to Settings or Exit Client.

Manage your status

Choose from Available, Away, Do Not Disturb, Lunch, Business Trip, or Set Status Temporarily in the right upper corner, next to Avatar.

Manage your status and set forwarding rules for each one in Settings > Call Forwarding.

Here you can: Set a custom message, Enable/disable PUSH messages for each status, Set the number of seconds to activate forwarding of unanswered calls for “Available” and “Lunch” profiles, Override forwarding rules based on Caller ID and time of the call.

3CX Web Client Overview - manage your status is explained in first 4 min:

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Incoming/Outgoing calls

Internal numbers - search by name or extension

External numbers - enter a number in dial pad

Choose Voice call

Web Client - How to Make/Receive Calls

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4.1.1 Voicemail

When User is receiving a call, User can redirect a caller to Voicemail by clicking on the button Redirect to Voicemail. Also, when there is no answer in 30 sec (by default is 30 sec, or other time that is set in Extension Management or in User Web Client: Settings > Call Forwarding > Available / Lunch) - it will be transferred to Voicemail (by default is set like that in the mentioned menu). In the Voicemail, secretary is offering to record a message, and caller can review it - delete or save. Click on menu Voicemail and click the playback icon to listen to the message you received.

4.1.2 Barge In, Listen, Whisper

You can click on the current call and choose Barge In to join the call and take over the call, Listen without members of the call knowing it, or Whisper to one member in a current call, without second member knowing it.

4.1.3 Park, Drop, Record

To perform an action on a call, simply click on any call to open the actions menu; This is possible only if set like that in extension management rights. Park means that you can park a call in a public company waiting room. Drop means you can end a call. When you are recording a call it is showing on other member of a call. 

Transfer voice call

5.1.1 Attended transfer

When you answer a call you can click on Att.transfer – when you type a mail, name or extension number you can check their presence, announce the call, if they can’t take it, click Resume to notice the caller, caller was on hold in the meantime.

You can also transfer a current call where you are not a member - to other User.

5.1.2 Un-Attended transfer

When you answer a call you can click on Transfer – type mail, name or extension number, and transfer it without a notice the called.

Transferring a call with the 3CX Web Client

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In the menu Switchboard you have an overview of Queue calls and Wallboard.

A Quick Look at the 3CX Switchboard

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The 3CX Switchboard

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Queue Calls

Queue call activity - Call Queues enable calls to be queued, instead of them going unanswered, whilst agents are on a call, e.g. calls to a sales number are routed to a call queue, where callers are kept in the queue until the next sales person is available to respond.

Important: Queue members must be logged in a call queue to start answering calls. You can configure queue member extensions to automatically log out by enabling their Forwarding Rules > Statuses > Log out from queues option for each status profile, or disable to allow users to log in manually.

Go to menu Settings and select Personalize > Wallboard - Select the queues you want to monitor. Agent information of the selected queues will be displayed in the Queue section of the Switchboard menu.

The Wallboard gets current call states based on real-time statistics. Wallboard is specific for every agent who is logged in some queue(s). If you are a member of 1 queue, you will see the statistics of that queue. If you are a member of multiple queues, all statistics will be added together - summed statistic.

Agent can be logged in one, and log out in other queue - Queue status is on the right upper corner, next to Avatar.

YouTube video - The 3CX Wallboard

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Automatically start 3CX when booting computer

7.1 Windows

  • Go to the Webclient of 3CX of your company in Chrome
  • Create a shortcut on your desktop
    • Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner
    • More Tools
    • Create shortcut...
    • Give it the name 3CXPhone
    • Save
  • Go to File Explorer
    • go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp
  • Copy the file 3CXPhone from your desktop to the folder