Installation on Android

1. Open GooglePlay market on your android device and search for "sessiontalk softphone".


2. Tap on it and choose "Download".


3. Once the app is downloaded and installed please open it.


4. Once app is opened you will be welcomed with that screen. Please tap on the icon located in top right corner as shown on the picture below.


5. The configuration screen will show up. In order to configure your extension please choose "Generic".


6. Next step is to fill the connection details in. Normally you should recieve them from ITAF. Please use the picture below as explanation. Please make sure that the switch next to "Activate Account" is enabled.


7. After all details are filled in please use "back" button to go back to the previous screen. It will show you a freshly created profile. Tap on the return arrow as shown on the picture below.


8. In the next step you will see the "keypad" window. Please check the icon on the top right - if it is green that means your extension has been successfully registered and it is ready to work.


9. In the keypad window you can call the internal numbers (other extensions) or also public numbers like mobile or house numbers. You can also select the numbers from your own contacts saved on your device. Tap on the menu icon located on top left to open menu and choose "Contacts" as shown on the picture below.


10. You will get prompted to allow this app to read contents of your own contacts. Please tap "Allow".


11. The app is correctly configured and ready to use.

Installation for iPhone

1. In order to download Softphone app please open AppStore on your iPhone and search for "Softphone". Once found please tap "GET".


2. Please open that app.

3. Once opened it will ask for the permissions. Please click "allow" and "OK" when prompted.


4. Once approved all permissions you will see this window. Please find a small info icon next to "Generic SIP" as shown on the picture.


5. In the next step you will have to configure your app to connect with telephone central. Please fill the details in as shown on the picture with the login information provided you by ITAF. Once filled in please click above "Done" and then "Save" as shown on the picture below. Please make sure that the switch "Enabled" is on.


6. On the next screen you will see that your SIP has been configured. From this time on you should be able to dial an internal number or an external one.


7. If you tap on "Keypad" button on the bottom of the screen you will see a Keypad and also you will be able to see your SIP number (left top corner) and also the icon which shows that you are currently online (right top corner) -> see picture.


8. In order to call an external number from your contacts please choose "Contacts" button as shown on the picture above.

9. In order to call an internal number please choose "Keypad" button from the menu below.