Open the LDAP Addressbook web page

1) Open the following link: http://<$company> (replace "<$company>" with the ITAF tenant name of your company, for example

2) Use the login credentials provided as user: admin and password: provided by management.

1_LDAP AddressContact.png


Edit LDAP Contact

1) Select contact, click on the name of the person/group you would like to edit.

2) Click the '''EDIT''' button

3) In the following screen change desired entires.

4) Click '''Save changes''' button.

2_LDAP AddressContact.png

3_LDAP AddressContact.png

Add LDAP contact

1) Open the following link:

2) Or click on the Addressbook link at the top left corner if you have logged in already.

3) Click on '''New Record''' button

4_LDAP AddressContact.png

4) On the following screen make sure to select  '''InetOrgPerson''' from the drop-down menu and click the '''Next''' button.

5_LDAP AddressContact.png

5) Add entries like Name, Display Name, Mobile number, Offie number and extension number

6) Click '''Create Record''' button.

6_LDAP AddressContact.png

Remove LDAP Contact

1) Find and select the Name/Contact you are about to remove. Open contact details. 

2) Click on the '''Delete''' button.

7_LDAP AddressContact.png