Set up MFA upon first login

1.1 Install the Microsoft Authenticator app

The Office 365 multi-factor authentication uses an app that needs to be installed on your smartphone. It can be found in the Google Play or Apple App Store.

Install this app first before continuing.

1.2 Set up MFA for your account

1) Navigate to

2) Sign in with your user name and fill in your password

3) Next you'll be prompted that more information is required

1_o365 MFA setup.png

4) Click on 'Next'

5) On the next page, set the drop down menu to 'Mobile app' and select the option to 'Receive notifications for verification'

2_o365 MFA setup.png

6) Click on 'Set up'

You'll be presented with a QR code which you'll need to scan with the Microsoft Authenticator app.

7) Launch the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone.

8) In the app, click on 'Add account'

3_o365 MFA setup.png

9) Next choose 'Work or school account'

4_o365 MFA setup.png

6) Next, scan the QR code on the Microsoft website

5_o365 MFA setup.png

7) In the Microsoft webpage, Click 'Next'

8) On the next page, after a few seconds, the following notification should appear next to the 'Set up' button: "Mobile app has been configured for notifications and verification codes."

9) Click 'Next'

10) The next page (Step 2) will trigger a request to the app which you'll need to 'Approve' on the app

6_o365 MFA setup.png

11) On the next page (Step 3), fill in your mobile phone number as a fallback option

7_o365 MFA setup.png

12) Click next

13) In step 4 on the next page, you'll be presented with an app password, but you don't have an immediate use for this, so no need to make a note of this.

Log in to an MFA-enabled account

In order to log in to an MFA-enabled Office 365 account, you need to launch the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone.

Once you have entered your username and password, you'll be prompted to approve the login in the app.

6_o365 MFA setup.png